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Set in Park City, Utah this film explores how the human physical and emotional conditions are affected when life circumstances change. We witness confusion and uncertainty when each featured athlete encounters a life-changing trauma. Enter the lives of young adults who encountered dramatic traumas that shut some doors, but opened new doors these athletes decided to walk through. While the traumas were dramatic, looking at the traumas with a positive growth mindset and setting attainable goals helped these individuals create their own luck.

Emotional, cinematic, and rooted in motivational characters, Alternative Peaks is a love letter to oneself. It tells a story of the people optimistic enough that, after an unexpected avalanche slides them down into a crevasse, they are willing to climb again and summit far greater peaks as a result.

Our vision for the film is for it to be a platform to communicate how you can recover from life-changing traumas. A platform to show how to create your luck and obtain successes from the most unexpected obstacles, and an opportunity for Jamie MoCrazy to share human plasticity and how looking at every event with a growth mindset will change the outcome. This will be a vehicle to drive communication, and spark conversation within the medical community and anyone who has encountered a struggle in life. There is no need for doctors to still tell patients and caregivers their traumas will result in a worse life. While a vast majority of people will not experience a life-changing trauma, it is important to show how you can positively recover from any trauma or life circumstance. 

Your life might be different, but there is no reason why it cannot be exceptional. If you look at every struggle with a growth mindset and see all the new doors you can walk through, there is no reason why you cannot create your own luck. Any person at any time can have their life changed. Seeing the inspirational stories of these individuals overcoming greats odds in life will motivate and guide anyone trying to overcome any struggle they face. Like any pressing social issue, it takes massive amounts of awareness and communication to create a society that believes in plasticity and the power each individual has to create their own luck.

Alternative Peaks Movie Poster Concept

Alternative Peaks Movie Poster Concept

The Filmmaker

Jamie MoCrazy

Professional skier Jamie MoCrazy,

has always been passionate about skiing. 

From an early age, her life has followed 

the rhythm of ski and freestyle ski competitions.

She even participated in the X-Games.

Unfortunately, during a downhill run in

April 2015, she took a fall and slipped

into a coma for about ten days. Due to

brain injury, she became hemiplegic and

could no longer speak.

She then underwent significant treatment

and decided to return to skiing. Skiing

was like therapy for her: complete

immersion in total communion with

nature. As she says so well: “Out in the

wilderness you come alive”. According

to her, it was a mix of peace and

excitement. It was an incredible feeling

that made her understand that she was

one of the luckiest people on this planet.

Noah Elliot

Growing up, Noah Elliott was an avid

skateboarder. “It gave me something to

focus on and a way to express myself,” he

said. But on January 30, 2015, at the age of

17, he would have his left leg amputated

after a bout with Osteosarcoma, a form of

bone cancer.

Even though he is fairly new to his

amputation, his ability quick caught the

attention of others involved in adaptive

snowboarding, including 2014 Paralympic

Bronze Medalist Keith Gabel. “Keith, Kep,

and Colton have believed in me the whole

time,” Elliott said (Kep Koeppe is with

Adaptive Sports Center of Crested Butte

and Colton Bradley is with National Ability

Center, two chapters of Disabled Sports

USA). “They were there saying ‘this kid needs

to be trained’ and they gave me a voice.”

He was a PyeongChang 2018 Paralympic Winter

Games gold and bronze winner.

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