The Netherlands and Belgium

While filming some testimonial videos in the Netherlands and Belgium, I was able to take time to do some flying with my DJI Mavic Air. I could have spent 3 months flying over Europe.

I hope you enjoy it!

Heat Source Energy

Teaser promotional video for Heat Source Energy, a local company and entrepreneur inventing and pushing for clean, sustainable energy. 

Antwerp, Belgium at the OCHA Training Centre

Our Telly Award Winning testimonial video from Antwerp, Belgium for GlobalSim

Shoreline Ridge Parking Structure

Founded in the summer of 2017, firm406 is an architecture and design firm based in Salt Lake City and this is one of their projects.

New York's State-of-the-Art Crane Simulators

Testimonial video out of New York for GlobalSim, the leading manufacturer of high-end crane simulations designed for training operators in a safe and controlled environment. 

Bicycle Collective - Short Film

Help the Bicycle Collective continue to do good work...Bicycle Collective Sponsor This short film depicts the Bicycle Collective's importance and mission. This short film won two Telly Awards in 2012.

Bar Method Boutique Promotion

Salt Lake City's Bar Method exclusive Athleisure Boutique promotional video.

Big Cottonwood Canyon Salt Lake City, Utah

Aerial film of Big Cottonwood Canyon in Salt Lake City, Utah. The transition from fall to winter is usually very brief in Utah. Occasionally this offers a small window of enjoying the aesthetics of both seasons simultaneously.

GlobalSim Crane Simulators

From GlobalSim: GlobalSim builds and maintains some of worlds most advanced simulators for cranes and heavy equipment. Today our simulators are being used in ports, military training centers, trade schools, universities, and industrial training facilities across the globe.

Bar Method Salt Lake City

Promotional Video for the Bar Method in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Boise, Idaho

In the great west of the United States lies Idaho. The state famous for it's world class potatoes offers serene aerials of the capital city of Boise.  Music is "Feel" by Stephen Keech with Sound Stripe.

U of U Information Systems Major Video 2015

Testimonial Video for the University of Utah MSIS department encouraging students to enroll in their competitive field.

Bar Method Spring Challenge

A fun promotional video for the Bar Method in Salt Lake City, UT.

2015 Family Christmas Video

The Richardson family does a green screen Christmas video.